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Camino al Mar - Tulum (Location)

Camino al Mar - Tulum (Location)

"Camino al Mar" is a CONDO-HOTEL Project


Two buildings nested in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Riviera Maya's heart


Two buildings nested in one of the most beautiful natural areas of the Riviera Maya


2 Towers - 20 Apartments for investors in the Veleta Area.


  • 5 mins to Tulum Beach.

  • 15 mins to Tulum Maya Train Station,

  • 20 mins to Tulum Airport

Each Building has 10 Condos

  • 2 Condos x 100.00 m2 (2 Bedrooms) + Lock-off Study

  • 4 Condos x 88.82 m2 (1 Bedrooms) + Lock-off Study

  • 4 Single Condos (1 Bedroom

       - Common Areas

       - Lobby and Admjnistration

       - Lounge area

       - Roof garden with Pool

       - 6 parking spaces

Land Description

* TWO LOTS 500 m2 each one

* Region 15, Mz 167

* MIXED land use

* H2 density

* Access on avenue

* Drainage and pavement to 500 m2

* Surrounded by many residential projects


1. Purchase: Lot Sale Price $200.00 USD m2 (500 m2 each lot)

2. Joint Venture Business: Develop the "Camino al Mar" Project

WELCOME Brokers, Realtors, Real Estate Agents and Referrals, we can sign a Co-Broker Agreement or Referral Commission to share our business with you, we have the Master Broker Exclusivity to Promote the Owner Property.


*D'Ster Investland has legal representation and exclusive marketing rights to promote the Owner´s Property. Any interest you may have please feel free to contact us. There are no promotion agreements with any other agency, do not be fooled or scammed.

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