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The Process

Konw the Process

Our 12 Months' Process to Build your Vacation Home in Mexico


First Contact

Reunión virtual

First contact where we will talk and understand all your investment, legal needs and the places and the purpose you would like to have with you vacation home; to build or to renovate one.



Strategy and Service Contract

Piezas de ajedrez de madera

Once all are agree in the project, we will prepare the investment process checklist and the breakdown of all the costs involved to explain you. This will be our principal agreement for our trusted relationship.



Prepare the Investment Plan

Los socios comerciales en el Trabajo
  • Phase 1. Open a Bank Trust to manage the funds (specific instructions)

  • Phase 2. Purchase the Property

  • Phase 3. Payment Plan to fabricate TH, Build or Renovations.

  • If you decide to purchase a new home, there´s no necessary to open a bank trust, you will pay direct to the developer and we will act for you as your trusted real estate broker.


Land & Build, House to be Renovated or purchase a New Home

Trabajando juntos

We will propose some very goog locations options for all purposes, then you can enjoy, have a STR Business and have a profitable investment.


Purchase Process

firma de contrato

1-Offer Letter (attached)

2- Identification of the clients.

3- Down Payment 

4. Due Diligence

5. Decision Making


Closing Process


The process is coordinated with the lawyers and with the Notario and your Accountant for the process, payment, signature and registration the property under your name. 


Start Work on Construction

Arquitectura Ilustración

This is the time to start the manufacturing of your Tiny House; or the architectural design meetings for the house to be builded or condominium, dependieng on the desicion you have made by yourself or with your pool of investors.


Time Frame

trabajadores de la construcción

The process could take from 6 to 18 months, depending if we are going to fabricate a tiny home or to build an Architect-Design Home or Condominium. in ·each case, all the funds will be deposited in the Trust Bank Account with specific instructions for disbursement of money, advances until the end of the investment agreed upon in the investment plan.


Final Review and Satisfaction

Image by DocuSign

Our commitment is to reach this point with your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process. Delivering the final result is our main objective, and we will ensure that you are informed and satisfied with each stage of the process at all times.


Post Process Services

Escribir en la computadora

We will present you with all the administration needs that you may have to manage your property.

Pares en la playa


Congratulations, enjoy your NEW Property. Now you are part of the community of US and Canadian Investors in Mexico.

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