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Welcome Brokers and Real Estate Agents

D'Ster has promotion and sales agreements in exchange for a merchant commission with different developers, and we offer to collaborate with other brokers/agents in Mexico or abroad for mutual benefit of sharing commissions equitably. The inventory is very large, rotating, and we are constantly looking for new products, with professional developers and in different parts of Mexico.

Purchase Process


Clients Registration

Escribir en la computadora

Send an email with the client's full name and their city of origin. Request confirmation for that way


Presentation of Product

Bienes inmuebles familiares

For support and knowledge of the characteristics of the unit(s) of interest and to quote the client: A video presentation, tour or meeting must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance


Commission Agreement

Acuerdo comercial en la terraza

The commercial commission contract corresponding to the operation is signed, the invoice is issued and for the payment of commissions.


Post Acquisition Services

Escribir en la computadora

Work updates are sent, financing payment reminders are sent, vouchers are issued, and work progress is updated.


Purchase Offer Process

Sacudida en ella


1-Offer Letter (attached)

2- Identification of the clients.

3-Proof of Reservation (valid for 15 days)


Contract Review and Signature

firma de contrato

Exchange of documentation, submission of the contract for review, legal clarifications between representatives and execution of the signature.


Delivery and Administration

Entrega de llaves

The property is delivered, the administration is installed, the access portal to owners for payments and news is delivered. delivery of deeds, services and furniture.



Closing Legal Process


The process is coordinated with the lawyers and with the Noatría for closing, the property is inspected before signing, and if necessary, a restricted area trust firm is opened.

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