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Become a Real Estate Investor

Our inventory to develop real estate projects, or to invest in private properties, is focused on the tourist-residential sector; either to develop hotel projects, condominiums in tourist areas, tourist and commercial resorts, condo-hotels, second homes, hotel and condominium administration of the properties of our clients and investors, as well as management of their properties on platforms such as "Airbnb" and its own hotel-administration.

We have five specialized areas: Commercial, Administration, Technical (architecture and urban development), Financial and Legal. We manage your investment based on disaggregated analysis of the possibilities and revaluation of each real estate asset, as well as in the integral management of the project, which allows us to observe the operations to invest and divest the assets. The objective is to achieve investment returns and financial returns in the short or medium term.


Our innovative concept personalizes with each investor their needs, and provides services in the real estate sector from a base of integrity, specialization, professionalism and transparency of a great professional team. In this way, high value is added to the managed real estate projects.

How does it works

Our concept of private investment is entirely unique in the sector. With us you become an investor in your projects, but you are not alone. Sometimes we also invest our own capital.
Our broad experience in the real estate sector allows us to offer investment opportunities with the utmost legal security through a comfortable and simple process.
We work with investments above $50,000 dollars. This makes it easier to go into high yield real estate projects with a smaller capital than usual. Look forward in the Investment Projects section to see it for yourself, or better still come and meet us.


We locate real estate assets based on our broad knowledge of the property market.


Achive a high profitability depending on the concrete real estate project.


We make the technical study of the real estate project guarantee its success and profitability.


Execution of the technical plan of the real estate investment project through the integral management method of D´Ster Inn.